Las Vegas Heals

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Another key health resource in the Las Vegas area is Las Vegas Heals (formerly SNMIC-Southern Nevada Medical Industry Coalition). This is a unique alliance made up of health care providers, consumers, committed citizens and government representatives who partnered together and are concerned about the well being of local residents.

All sides of the medical industry have turned their spotlight toward Las Vegas Heals (LVH) in recent years because of their influence over academics, government, civic organizations, as well as private sector health care. Over the past 8 years, LVH has grown to more than 600 members with a quarter of them serving as professional volunteers.

Recent LVH achievements

Las Vegas Heals has achieved the status of an official nonprofit organization, and their recruitment of elite doctors is unparalleled.

The organization established a diabetes and obesity committee (iDO), developed a healthcare database and social healthcare networking resource website as well as the institution of a statewide electronic health record (EHR) initiative program.

Las Vegas Heals develops and hosts numerous medical education seminars, as well as a Registered Nurse workplace transition program.

Adding a personal touch to their structure, recruiting efforts are conducted in-person at many different health care conferences and within non-health care industries to maximize diversity.

Las Vegas Heals also involves itself in local politics, backing political candidates whose values fall in line with LVH. The organization routinely conducts community surveys to discover the concerns among LVH members.

You can find a few online brochures if you’re interested in becoming a nurse by visiting Las Vegas Heals online at You’ll also find an online version of the Las Vegas Nursing Directory.