What’s New in LV Dining?

Las Vegas is the type of city that thrives on trendsetting. Dining is no exception...If it’s contemporary, chic, and exciting you can count on seeing it here first.

Here’s a look at what’s trending in LV dining:

Seasonal Menus

Many dining establishments in Las Vegas are now offering meals according to what’s in season. In fact, chefs are changing menus more often than ever before. From organic vegetables to fresh seafood and range-fed beef, you can expect to find very creative and unique dishes.

Small Portions and Shareable Items

Look for creative appetizer menus and half glasses of wine. If you’re the type that likes to sample different items from a menu, you’re in luck! Many restaurants are now offering partial orders.

Cheaper Faire

More and more restaurants are using coupons and promotions to entice you. Also, watch for fixed-price menus which provide you with real value as well as taste.

Comfort Food

Around the country, people are returning to traditional home-cooked standbys. In response to this, many local restaurants are revamping their menus. We’re seeing more fan-favorites, like macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, and hotdogs and hamburgers. You won’t have to look hard to find something that will bring back memories and feed your soul.

Flat Iron Steak/Flank Steak

It cuts like a filet but tastes like New York Strip. If you enjoy steak (who doesn’t?) you will want to sample this cooking style that’s become increasingly popular at local restaurants.