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No Place Like Las Vegas

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Las Vegas natives and long time residents remember when Las Vegas had more dirt roads then paved roads.

Bicylcle Trails

 But this "Desert Lifestyle" has caused burgeoning growth and turned 600 square miles of desert into a city unlike any other.

Las Vegas Sunsets

Our "Desert Lifestyle" has over 300 days of sunshine a year and an average temperature of 70 degrees.  We have our hot times in the summer and our chilly days in the winter.  But the many folks who are not fans of snow, rain, flooding rivers, tornados, and hurricanes are happy to be here.

While many characterize our city strictly for being the Entertainment Captial of the World, people who call Las Vegas "home" realize that Las Vegas is so much more.

Entertainment Capital Of The WorldThe Famous Strip

The lifestyle is incredibly unique.   



Our children of all ages can enjoy the best in recreational activities.    

Water Fun

Recreation in Las Vegas includes Youth Sports Organizations, Lake Mead Recreational Area, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Golf Courses, Parks, and many other outdoor Destinations and Activities.  

Lush Golf Courses

 A Glance At The Youth Organizations

Youth Leagues Las Vegas has over 15 youth development groups.  

The larger ones include Big Brothers Big Sisters Of Southern Nevada, The Las Vegas Area Council of the Boy Scouts Of America, Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada, YMCA, The New Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada, and Boys Town Nevada.  

In addition there are many Youth Sports Organizations.  Throughout the valley there are groups in many sports categories.  The list and size of the groups keep growing with 30 Baseball Leagues, 5 Softball Leagues, 10 Basketball groups, 5 Cheerleading organizations, 2 Fencing, 5 Football Leagues, 4 Golf groups, 11 Gymnastics, 2 Hockey and Ice Skating Leagues, , over 22 Soccer teams, 5 Softball teams, 6 Swimming teams, 15 Volleyball clubs, Tennis, Lacrosse, Roller Derby, Track clubs, and Wrestling.  


 Las Vegas Is Truly An Oasis In The Desert!

Oasis In The Desert