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Las Vegas Desert Landscape

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Despite the fact that we are located in the Mojave Desert,  it is possible to have a vibrant, colorful, and productive yard and or garden without having to spend a fortune in water and maintenance.

Las Vegas has an annual temperature of 69.3 degrees and an annual rainfall of 4.17 inches of rain.  There are 3,817 annual hours of sunshine (294 days).  This climate offers many opportunities for a varitey of landscapes. 

Las Vegas Desert Landscape

Desert landscaping can look good and be extremely simple to maintain with colored rocks, cacti, palm trees, and a variety of evergreens.  

If a more elaborate landscape is desired you can create quite a lush garden or a desert garden with some time and effort, and a little bit of research.

Desert landscape can be as much or a little as you prefer.  There are many professionals to help or you can become a desert landscape specialist.  The Las Vegas Springs Preserve offers classes on gardening from the ground up.

Check out our video on desert landscapes.