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Las Vegas New Home Sales Are Jumping...

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What a difference a month can make in the Las Vegas housing market. New home developments are jumping up in traffic and sales. In January the net sales activity doubled. 2014 was lackluster to say the least. So what has contributed to the increase?

  • For one thing the 70 degree temperatures brought the lookers out to preview the new home developments.
  • Buyers are getting off the fence. They are finally convinced that interest rates will rise this year.
  • There is a pent up demand in Las Vegas. Many first time home buyers were thwarted by the strict mortgage guidelines. Lenders, FHA, Fannie, and Freddie have eased off on some of the qualification requirements. Minimum down payments have been lowered on some types of loans. Mortgage insurance has been reduced. These changes expand the base of home approved
  • Las Vegas is still one of the top ten cities where people move and the stats are up for people moving here.
  • The economic conditions include strong job growth, a declining unemployment rate, increase in construction projects around the city, and positive consumer confidence.

The resale home sales for January recorded 2,519 homes purchased. January 2014 recorded home sales totaled 2,401 just shy of a 1% increase. However , a good sign is that pending sales are rising.

The single family home listings without a contingent offer totaled 7,246 March 1, 2015.

There were 4,565 listings with contingent offers and 797 pending offers.

This year may be much busier than the past several years as Buyers and Sellers are acting like they are motivated to buy and sell again.

Here is a look at the median prices for February. This RECAP Chart Provided by Home Builders Research, Inc.